I write and I'll be okay

Was it easy?
Leaving all of what we’ve been through just like that? Making me believe that you love me but then you left just like that.

And I stop counting. Stopped counting how many days has it been since the last time we ever talk to each other. Although it gave me a massive heartache, missing all of those good memories both of us been spending treasuring what we’ve lost before. I still couldn’t understand and actually I don’t want to understand why would this happen to us again. To me. I did try my best this time but I guess it just not enough for both of us to stay together.

And I stopped counting. I stopped thinking. I stopped remembering. Since I cant even make myself cry anymore. I do missed you. No. I miss us. I don’t miss you but I miss us. I miss me. I miss the memories. But I guess things won’t work the way I wanted it to be. Although its hard to admit but we have to accept the fact so we could move on.  And I am now accepting the fact that you didn’t love me enough to stay with me. To try harder as much as I did. So, I won’t chase you anymore.
I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay. I could get through this one more time. I’ll make it out alive. Because nothings hurt more than the first break up.

Take care.


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